What you can expect...

This is what you can expect from the 90 days.
You see, the results you get depends on your starting point. 

For our clients who have their creatives, copy and landing pages set up, giving them ROI is a walk in the park.

What if you’re starting from scratch?

Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you don’t stand a chance. It just means you’re gonna need to be more patient because there’s gonna be set up time. 
You’re in good hands. We’ve done this lots of times. 

The first 20 days, you’ll be so excited.

You’ll have stars in your eyes and you’re probably gonna get messages from friends and family about your ads they’ve seen on Facebook. (If they’re a part of your target audience!)

Then, most clients start doubting the process. 

This is normal. We’re here to remind you to avoid making emotionally charged decisions. WIth the work we do, one catastrophe today (high lead cost etc) could lead to blissful profits on day 7. 

So trust us, and more importantly, trust the process.

If something isn’t working, we’ll tweak and tweak and communicate. 

BTW, should you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. Communication is a 2-way street. We need you to do your part, too. We’ll be able to get back to you within the day barring holidays and weekends.